Famous Places of Dubai, UAE

on Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Once an obscure corner of Arabia, the United Arab Emirates has transformed itself into an Arabian success story through a mix of oil profits, stability a sharp eye for business. Visitors are attracted by beaches, deserts, oases, camel racing, Bedouin markets and the legendary duty-free shopping of Dubai-all packed into a relatively small area. Dubai is the Singapore of the Gulf, with bustling harbours, gigantic shopping malls and bold architecture. Each of the seven emirated bears a unique character.

November to April

The United Arab Emirates is the cheapest place outside lran to buy lranian caviar

The oil-rich emirate of Abu Dhabi has two beautiful oases: the attractively green and orderly Al-Ain and the spectacular contrast of green farms and towering pink dunes at Liwa. Sharjah offers the country’s best museums and art gallery, and a magnificent zoo, as well as the charming port of Khor Fakkan. The smaller emirates quieter-Umm as-Qaiwain is the closest thing to what the frishing and pearling towns of 50 years ago must have been like.

In 1990, Dubai’s government became aware that they depended entirely of fossil energies (petrol) and decided to start reconversion in favor of new technologies, commerce and luxury related business. In 15 years, the contribution of petrol in the GNP (Gross National Product) dropped from 80% to 10%.
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French guiana Tourism Information Sheet

on Thursday, August 6, 2009

Modern French Guiana is a land of idiosyncrasies, where European Space Agency satellite launches rattle the market gardens of displaced Hmong farmers from Laos and thinly populated rainforests swallow nearly all but the country’s coastline. Highly subsidized by Mother France, it boasts the highest standard of living of any ‘country’ in South America, but look beyond the capital city and you’ll still find backwoods settlements of Maroons and Amerindians barely eking out a living.
Best time to visit
July to December, or in late February for Carnaval
French Guiana’s rain forest is 90% intake; Plage Les Hattes contains the highest density of leatherback-turtle nesting sites in the world

Cayenne is one of the loveliest capital cities in South America. ln lieu of soaring grandeur and modern urban vibrancy are bustling, colourful markets amid charming French colonial buildings ribbed with flowered balconies. The excellent Creole and Guianese food and the unique ethnic mix-locals, French expatriates, Brazilian fisherfolk, Surinamese Maroons and Hmong farmers-make this a fun place to spend a few days and eat, eat, while planning trips to the lush interior or along the populated coast.
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french guiana

french guiana

french guiana

french guiana

french guiana