Costa Rica Travel and Tourism Guide

on Monday, October 26, 2009

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costa rica

Costa Rica:
For decades, Costa Rica was a forgotter backwater, a country so laconic it couldn’t be bothered having an army, even though it was sandwiched between war-torn Nicaragua and Canal-plagued Panama. Then North American retirees discovered its charms and its poco a poco (‘little by little’)life style, and Costa Rica became hot property. With its luxuriant rainforests, pristine white beaches, diverse wildlife, to-die-for coffee, relaxed hospitality and full-on eco-tourist trade, Costa Rica is definitely one of the destinations de jour.
Costa Rica
Best Time To Visit
December to April (the dry season)
Essential Experiences
Soaring across the jungle canopy on a flying fox Monteverde Taking time out to sit and ponder the majestic rainforest at Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio Making a nocturnal visit to Arenal volcano, followed by a soak in a hot spa Learning to surf at Witch’s Rock lgnoring the bus and doing the Fortuna to Saint Elena route by jeep and horseback
Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Drink coffee-Costa Rica is possibly the only country in the world where even a take-away coffee in a Styrofoam cup from a fast-food burger joint tastes like ambrosia
Costa Rica
In a word
Pura vida (literally ‘pure life’, a national expression that sums up the desire to live the best and most pure pure existence)
Dripping rainforests; toucans and macaws; erupting volcanoes; La Negrita (or the Black Madonna); dead-keen soccer fans; foaming waterfalls; the aroma of coffee
Costa Rica
Apart from hiking and camping in rainforests and mountains and on beaches, you can snorkel on tropical refs, the best waves in South America, and raft some of the most thrilling white water in the tropics. Pristine tumble down the lower slopes of the mountains and the riverbanks are clothed with curtains of rainforest-a truly unique white-water experience.
Costa Rica