Al Burj Khalifa Tower - Dubai Building 1Km World's Tallest Landmark

on Friday, December 18, 2009

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The Burj khalifa tower in Dubai, UAE, became the world’s tallest building on 21 July, at 512 metres. That tower will be around 800 metres tall when completed in 2009, thereby beating 554 metre Toronto CN tower, making it the world's tallest landmark. But not satisfied with it Dubai is now planing to surpass it's own world records with Al Burj tower which will have more than 200 floors and a dizzying height 1 km! Al Burj (The Tall Tower) project being planned by Nakheel will be 1,050 metres tall, comfortably exceeding the height of the rival Burj Dubai and making it the world’s tallest building. Source: Fahad Inc. Nakheel has kept the tower’s height a closely guarded secret as it waits for its more advanced rival, being developed by Emaar Properties, to reach its final height later this year. However, has confirmed that design plans show the tower to be more than 1 kilometre tall, at 1,050 metres. The building will actually consist of three separate towers built around a hollow interior and joined together by several sky bridges that function as sky lobbies. One of the towers is shorter than the other two and has a large outdoor pool on the roof while the other two are topped with large spires. Designs for the Tall Tower show 228 floors, a four-level basement and one service sub-level – a total built-up area of 1.49 million square metres with 492,000 square metres of useable space. It will house offices, apartments and hotels. The top habitable floor will be at 850 metres, topped by a 200-metre central spire with a three-level function area and three service floors.
The two images below show a comparison of the proposed Al Burj Tower against the Burj Dubai tower and how the Al Burj will look like at night when completed.

al burj dubai buildingal burj dubai pic
By the way, Al Burj will be the sixth tower in dubai to exceed 100 floors. Only Chicago in the world boasts of more than 1 super tower. According to DesiNotes, the six super towers in Dubai are:
  1. “Burj Dubai” which has reached 130 floors and will be the tallest in the world by early 2009. It is already the tallest having beaten Taipei 101 of Taiwan. When complete it will be more than 800 meters in height.
  2. “Burj Al Alam” will rise to 108 floors
  3. “Marina 101” will rise to 101 storeys.
  4. “Princess Tower” will have 107 floors
  5. “Pentominium” will be of 120 floors.
  6. “Al Burj” which ultimately will be the tallest tower surpassing even Burj Dubai is expected to be between 180 and 200 floors.

burj dubai skyline supertowers
PS. Despite all these facinating records and statistics the fact remains that Al Burj tower is nothing but an extravagant Arab monument of oil wealth, conceit, ego and a white elephant, just like the Dubai Palm islands and UAE's other giant projects. Anyone with a common sense will see this building for what it is - ‘another imprudent petrodollar extravaganza’. Unfortunately these Arabs don't seem to realize it.